It was there I felt an elemental shimmer wafting down, twirling down the clattered network of algae-clothed river stone, the molten hues of the unearthly chant. Hand-in-hand they harnessed three on the curled tongue of watery twilight, a hatched maiden circlet of prancing untamed snake-hair, delirious, and drifting over scratched tree-bitten hips by bark-teeth. All wailing midnight colors swooned and surmounted here in the night-spell, disorderly and bare as first birth, bells on their profane ankle bones, sacred toes manic in the old gods organic gems, varnished in oil and star blood.

I know them from the heart-stopping slip in my dreams, the air-stealing haunt they take on barren wombs, open tombs, the purple iris of the childless woman. The listening eyes in the quiet dark, nails filthy following the aeons placental scent. Throned Ancestress. Buried Vestal. Burned Witch.

I taste their hazy names like fire and dirt, watching, wishing to suffuse and collide. I am cowed by the inheritance of my own intrinsic power. Intimidated by their peace and embers.

Someday they will know my hellfire wish. I’ll tell them with a billowing tongue.

words = samantha lucero 2016 ©
image = not mine.



  1. The phrases “algae-clothed river stone” and “prancing untamed snake hair” are almost Gregory Corso-esque. You paint a sort of playful but witchy picture in the beginning of the piece that gets progressively darker and climaxes with the line “I am cowed by the inheritance of my own intrinsic power.”
    I bet you read a lot of books you weren’t supposed to read when you were younger, and I’m glad you did. Nice work.

    1. i laughed reading your accurate guess about the books. i sure did. and i still do! even tho i’m far from young now.

  2. Reblogged this on Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and commented:
    The bewitching Samantha Lucero

  3. “The listening eyes in the quiet dark” “delirious, and drifting over scratched tree-bitten hips by bark-teeth”

    i absolutely adore these lines. part of me wanted to copy and paste the entire piece because every line is epic. one thing i have noticed about your writing is that it is sublimely refined. your words reflect the boundless worlds that linger achingly in your soul. it’s really quite surreal to behold. you speak in erstwhile truths.

    1. now i know thy language, o’ max!

      1. uh-oh, didst thou peruse the penned epistle did preach implore of a rump triumphant by a roguish mandrake…Lord Scutty? ok, i have no idea what i just said lol. or doth i…

      2. is it bad that i saw a little mandrake root guy with an angry anime face?

      3. this bodes well for the fate of humanity. i’m pretty sure at least

  4. Yes raw and bewitching! Salem is my home which makes this resonate even more 🙂

    1. so jealous. one of my favorite cities. i often visit there. i stay at the hawthorne specifically for hot cider and their library.

      i was originally going to buy there, but the housing costs shot up soooooo much when it finally came time for me to purchase! :/

      1. That’s awesome! Well let me and Georgia know the next time you are in town 🙂

      2. I will. I bet there’s so much more there to see since the last time I was able to visit, too. There were a bunch of shops opening up.

      3. Yes if you haven’t checked out hauswitch yet then you must it is fantastic 🙂

      4. The name’s already winning. I am googling that shit right now.

      5. And now I want everything there.

  5. I see here the innocence and curiosity of you. I love the sinister twist you put on it. We humans are great at putting our own perspective on something. That picture makes me happy. I think I see what you have done here.
    Humans can ruin and destroy lives by not understanding.
    Am I close?

    1. Of course you are.

  6. You have a well defined and developed voice, keep writing, please keep writing.

  7. […] months ago, i wrote a poem for an anthology chiefly interested in salem history (no, not this one!) and it was accepted for publication. it’ll be featured in the upcoming book named above. […]


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