here lies you, silent as the dust you’ve built
my favored disgrace, my bookmarked witch.

i hang YOU every morning in the mirror. i curl you back from your pacific grave by the rope i buried you in just to hear you scream again.

it’s your tired eyes that shimmer patiently in the placental dark that makes me hold my breath, makes me ooze ‘why?’

some silky word you cup over my mouth like a burglar’s glove;
sometimes i glint like a knife under the moon.”
 sometimes i want to die.

here lies me, the view from the prison behind my eyes. they have to saw a hole there someday. maybe that’s when i’ll go away.

there was the picture of dorian gray that he would hide from everyone. the monster gnawed by its own teeth, the truth.

i am the picture & somewhere is my better half.

words = samantha lucero 2017 ©
image = not mine. from tumblr.



  1. All good, the bit “they have to saw a hole there someday maybe that’s when I’ll go away” really got to me. I figured out early on we can talk about that all day long and other people still don’t get it because we look and act (relatively) normal. Writing is a good place to lay it out, and you do it oh so well.

    1. I know that you’re one of the only people who understood that line :/

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  3. Oh, such lovely words swim here Samantha..

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    Samantha Lucero


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