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‘let sleeping dogs lie’ or if they’re in florida set them on fire; let them die. ‘speaking of the plentiful imagery of the world’ i am the melting ice. i am the gun on the dashboard to Savannah for the 4th of July. i am the word…

a music video representation of what it looks like on the inside of my mind lately. trivia: florence welch and i actually share the same birthday.  

I was blue on that blue moon Or was it the wolf. Where I was like Virginia or Sylvia, howling with rage and gloom. And death was there And she was digging out as I was digging in. I was the infant in the woods dragged away. The creature hating its creator, But unlike the […]

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     the lights are always on now, no one ever sleeps.    i am one of those dreamless alien lights; one of those nobody’s cradled in the teeth of a high-rise window. my building’s a fang that pierces an eye of god. i loved you more…

submitting poetry to big(ger) publications. here’s to waiting 6+ months to see if one, or both will be published in the new yorker. the thing that sucks isn’t the waiting, in fact, that’s the best part because i forget completely and therefore all attachment dissolves. the thing that sucks is that i sent them two […]

i was once obscure like food stains under skirts or a film of oil on a flowers tongue but i grew to be a bigger blemish like a birthmark on gods face until i had to hide away so no one saw death had come on many occasions and i, the greeter at the door […]

i am working on two stories for this anthology, actually. one is a collaboration, and one is by only me. i’m in the editing process of this one, having completed it some weeks ago. i’ll be finishing up editing it by tonight (i hope) and sending it in. we’ll see what happens; i’ll find out […]

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when you become a parent, you become less? a p p a r e n t. until i disappear completely, i can weep into the liquid face of a mirror and speculate about who used to dwell in my iron & carbon skull, before i was the…

slay the beast that like a dissolving silhouette roams at the corner of your eye leaves when you walk to it stays a friendly whisper in your ear on your weakest, ugliest days. find the piece of you that’s rotting (we’ve all got one) hunt it out,                 […]

  a photo i caught of one of my twins… peaking thru the curtain.