a photo i caught of one of my twins… peaking thru the curtain.

some people are only religious when they see Mary on the corner with a heart-wet mouth. h a i l  Mary, full of avian bones and candy wrappers they pick up at disneyland that you never see get thrown away. won’t you be mine? perhaps. she makes them think of their mother smart and streetwise […]

this blog is for writing poetry and stories. i’ve been missing from here lately, because i’ve devoted a lot more time to personal endeavors (working on several short stories, self publishing the poetry book i’ve mentioned, and finishing a full-length novel.) i’ve also been depressed. i usually would have never admitted that, but in this […]

some months ago, i wrote a poem for an anthology chiefly interested in salem history (no, not this one!) and it was accepted for publication. it’ll be featured in the upcoming book named above. you can find more details about it [HERE]. that will apparate you to a pre-order page, but you can read the […]

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when did you keep god under your tongue, like an uninvited pill from that plastic nurse behind a wall, masked and reaching out to hand you an orange mood in a paper cup made in L.A. for whom did your milky eyes blur, or from whose unseen stare…

lie there, lie there, little henry lee                 till the flesh drops from your bones          for the girl you have in that merry green land can wait forever for you to come home

so my life has been insane. how fitting, since i am too. or at least that’s what they say. has been? is. currently and always. in some ways and in many. i have an urge to pour out an intensely personal blog post, but i’m too exhausted or afraid. i live far too much in my […]

Originally posted on Sudden Denouement Literary Collective:
the man i loved who never knew was tall like most men girls love & never tell he was? t h e? unreachable one in missing scenes of my other life — one i could’ve had, but couldn’t, & now i can’t at all — he was that…

of a grin usually on the missing persons board at truck stops where famished men would pick up hitch-hiking girl-children run aways, escaping home to find themselves, smelling like violins in the attic here she is in red-hot-red, rose-red, blood-red, a portrait streak of glitter high-heels with no hosiery ankles with tattoos of talaria wings and a […]

self-publishing my poetry book; dancing around with different designs, sparring with words that want to, need to be said, all tangled up with an impatience to have it mystically accomplished in under an (unrealistic) hour. this is largely for my daughters. as i’ve mentioned, it’s an epitaph in the event that my medical condition goes […]